an unfortunate incident…

Whitney Houston – Superbowl

RIP Whitney.


getting frustrated…

all of my favorite celebrities go on their press tours but none of them ever come to the Boston area. it’s driving me nuts! does anyone know how to get them out here?!?

new kitten… no name though

Duke & I decided it was time to get a playmate for binx (cat). As we felt we’re not ready for a dog just yet, we got a kitten (see collage). He’s a crazy little dude. Climbing up the slider screen, chewing on everything (figure he’s teething) & loves to ‘torment’ binx.

I will say the ‘breeder’ we got him from should not have animals. When we got mr. nameless kitten, he had mites, worms… the works. He’s doing much better now, still has some mites but we’re working on that.

Duke calls him Rex, as in T-Rex because when the little guy sees anything… he runs after it. Me, not so fond of the name. Plus, he doesn’t even perk his ears to the name which of course has me worried. And his meow is one I’ve never heard before. Sounds like he’s sick with¬†laryngitis¬†or something, just very weak.

Duke & I would greatly appreciate name suggestions. Thanks!!

Please help Lt. John!!

Lt. John is leaving Iraq soon, YAY!! However, Lady his beautiful dog cannot without our help. So please help Lt. John & Lady!

So excited!!!!!!!!!!

Duke got a HUGE promotion yesterday, so happy for him!!!!! Now we just have to go out & celebrate, YAY!

Binx scares family part 2

ER trip. many vials of blood taken. radiology trips. doctors know what’s wrong but don’t know why… wonderful. lovin’ my new cocktail of meds.

What are these 2 talking about?!?!?

Another very funny video uploaded onto youtube. These twins are adorable & I’d love to know what they’re talking about.

Twin babies’ Secret Language

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