pneumonia is kicking my ass

about 1.5 months ago i was diagnosed with pneumonia thus been out of work which totally sux. i had only been working there for ~1 month & now i’m taking 1 month off for this annoying sickness, grrrrrrrrrrr.

it’s slowly starting to go away but not fast enough for me. i know i’m not going to be 100% for months to come but i need to get back to work. i was finally making decent money, money i was putting in the savings account so duke & i can FINALLY get our own place. i mean, that is what a newlywed couple does, right? usually have their own home after the wedding… heck, before the wedding. i’ve become fairly depressed over several things:

  • the pneumonia
  • not working
  • still living with the in-laws
  • hubby not happy with his job, even with the recent raise & promotion
  • not having a job in my field, ya know… the one i worked my ass off & have a BS in… thus have currently changed careers

the career change is working out okay. i decided to go into the wedding industry. i’m currently working at a bridal salon, have my side business but no customers yet… just ladies looking at the blog. so how do i get customers from those people who look at the blog??

i guess that’s all for now. thanks for letting me vent.


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