working in a bridal & prom salon is craaaaaazzzzzyyyyyyyyyy

Today was a madhouse!!! It was 1 girl right after the other. so i helped 3 girls looking for prom. each tried on, oh about… 15 dresses & each left with ZERO!!! Alot of those dresses were tie up in the backs too so if ya know that takes time.
Then i had 2 brides. The first was almost a complete disaster. She came with her possy who had driven ~5hrs just to come to the store because she was told we were the only retailer to carry the dress she wanted. I looked through our racks twice… wasn’t there. Her family got PISSED with the other consultant helping me… mainly because, how should i put it… she doesn’t have manners. Anyway, the bride started balling her eyes out & my heart started pounding. then her mom started, her family went to hug her, oye. immediately i went over to her & mother saying we’re doing everything we can & asked if they wanted any water while handing out tissues. the mothers face just said ‘find the dress’ which we did eventually. finally! reason we  couldn’t find the dress: someone had bought it already & was in the hold section. so she tried it on & LOVED it… finally got to see a smile from her, made me feel so much better. she tried on a few other gowns as well but didn’t like them as much as the one she came in for. things were looking good but then, it’s out of her budget… not by much but just enough that she left without being measured *sniffle*. The mother thanked me a million times & right before they left for taking care of them… which in turn made me feel a bit better that they had to wait forever while we looked for the dress.

My next bride… also came in with a possy. She had tried on the Snow White dress from the AA-Disney line at another store. She tried on about 12 gowns. ‘Yes to the Dress’!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the last one. OMFG I was so excited. 3rd day working there & I finally sold a dress. The girl looked gorgeous in it. She was really conflicted though because of her possy though, this was one case in which just 1 person should come with the bride. it seemed like her friends were trying to convince her when you could just see in her face she wasn’t sure but then when i tightened the tie-ups she liked it much more.

i ended up staying 1 hour after my shift ended but it was so worth it! ended with a bridal purchase, so excited. anyway, thanks for letting me chat 🙂


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